The terms of service define the relationship between the combined entity flashflip, Gilbert Powell, and Jason Martinez (herein referred to as “the operator”) and the end user of the service (herein referred to as “the user”) regarding the use of the bot and/or website known as flashflip (referred to as “the service”). We would like to thank Apis N.V. for the framework for these terms.

Prohibited Users
  • Users that are citizens or residents of Aruba, Australia, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Sint Maarten and/or United States of America are prohibited from using the service.

  • Users younger than 18 years of age are prohibited from using the service.

  • Users for which using the service is not legal in their applicable jurisdiction(s) are prohibited from using the service.

  • Ensuring they are legally permitted to use the service is the user's responsibility. The operator makes no claims and provides no guarantees that using the service is legal for the user.

  • To ensure that no prohibited users are using the service, the operator may demand proof of age, citizenship and residence of any user at his own discretion. If the user does not provide adequate proof at the operator's request they may be barred from further using the service.

Account Access
  • An account's owner is authenticated solely by his Discord or web login credentials: the combination of his email, password and two-factor authentication method (if enabled). The operator need not accept any other form of authentication. The user acknowledges that he may permanently lose access to his account and all funds contained within if he loses his login credentials.

  • The user is responsible for securing his Discord and web login credentials. The operator shall not be liable for lost user accounts or the funds contained within or any other resulting damages if the user knowingly or unknowingly provides a third party with his login credentials, especially but not limited to the user falling victim to social engineering or malware attacks.

  • By voluntarily deleting his Discord or web account, the user forfeits any remaining balance and bankroll investments of the account. The user also forfeits any house commission shares or revenue generated by his house commission shares.

Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Only Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted for deposits and withdrawals. Other cryptocurrencies sent to the service's deposit addresses can not be accessed by the operator and will not be credited to the user's account or returned to the user.

  • In the case of blockchain forks, the operator may decide which chain is considered to be Bitcoin or Ethereum at his discretion. The operator may choose to make the proceeds of Bitcoin/Ethereum forks or airdrops available to the user or not at his sole discretion.

  • The operator attempts to process all withdrawals instantly unless the user explicitly opts to queue his withdrawal. The operator shall not be liable for delayed withdrawals including those that are delayed through fault of the operator.

  • The operator may temporarily halt all deposits to and withdrawals from the service if he deems it necessary to ensure the safety of users' funds (e.g. in the event of blockchain forks) or for any other important reason.

  • All bets are final. The operator will not provide refunds of lost bets, including but not limited to accidentally submitted bets or bets lost due to network latency.

  • In the case of a dispute, the information received and recorded by the service in its database shall be deciding.

  • Use of the bulk bet function and the automated betting feature is voluntary. The operator assumes no liability for malfunctioning bet parsers on the server side.

  • The user acknowledges that bankroll investments are highly volatile, are not guaranteed to earn a profit and carry a substantial risk of loss.

  • Bankroll investments are governed by the terms shown in the FAQ. The operator may unilaterally change these terms with immediate effect and without advance notice at any time.

  • The operator may choose to award otherwise lost bets that encountered technical difficulties (e.g. server crash) to players at his sole discretion and at cost to the bankroll investors.

  • Investment operations (including divestments) are irreversible and the operator shall not be liable for investment operations accidentally taken by the user.

House Commission
  • The user acknowledges that house commission shares do not provide any guarantee whatsoever regarding the revenue amount. The only guarantee provided by the operator is that house commission revenue can only increase over time and never decrease.

  • House commission percentages and splits are governed by the terms shown in the FAQ. The operator may unilaterally change these terms with immediate effect and without advance notice at any time.

  • In the case of technical difficulties, malfunctions, or database errors, the operator may choose to rollback a portion of the house commission at his sole discretion and at cost to the house commission owners.

  • Purchase of house commission shares is irreversible and the operator shall not be liable for house commission share purchases accidentally taken by the user.

Support Server & Website Chat
  • The user agrees to abide by the chat rules. The operator may temporarily or permanently prevent users that violate the chat rules or are otherwise disruptive from participating in the chat at the operator's sole discrection and without any warning.

  • The operator is not liable for content that other users post or link to in the chat.

  • The service is not a trading forum and the operator discourages all sorts of trading or other dealing among players. The operator will not intervene in disputes among players under any circumstances and shall not be liable for any losses arising from such disputes.

Dormant Accounts
  • The operator may permanently delete accounts that have not been accessed for two years.

  • For this purpose, an account's last access time is the time that the user last signed in to the account or connected to the service while already signed in.

  • All funds of deleted dormant accounts including their balance and any bankroll investments are forfeited by the user and assumed by the operator.

  • No dormant accounts shall be deleted before October 1, 2021.

Trademarks & Copyright
  • The name “flashflip” is a registered trademark with the UK Trademark Office. Any attempt to replicate names, brands, or logos associated with the operator will lead to punitive measures and legal action.

  • Certain game modes, operational procedures, and Discord integration mechanisms are the intellectual property of the operator. Patents are currently pending with the US Copyright Office as well as Curacao governing bodies. Any attempt to replicate pending or registered intellectual property of the operator will lead to punitive measures and legal action.