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Jason (Owner)

Jason is the owner, operator and designer of flashflip. He has a background in game design and coding. He considers himself an enterpreneur and enjoys working on projects related to bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.


Var (Dev)

Var is the lead developer of flashflip, and works with a team of devs to maintain and add new features. He has a background in Python and Javascript, with a specialty in automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Stack (Support)

Stack is the head of the flashflip support team. He has a background in cryptocurrency gambling, and loves to help out the community. His roles include server moderation, community management, and writing text segments.


Meiji (CMO)

Meiji is the chief marketing officer for flashflip. She creates online promotions for flashflip and does graphic designs for blogposts. She has a background in online marketing, and is passionate about both cats and chocolate.