What is flashflip?
How do I deposit bitcoins to flashflip?
Where is my deposit?

flashflip is a bitcoin gambling and tip bot integrated with the popular communications platform Discord. It allows you to deposit, withdraw, and play with bitcoins all in the comfort of your favourite Discord servers.

Depositing into the bot is simple: run the command "!deposit" or "!depo" and the bot will create a bitcoin deposit address unique to your account. Send your funds there and you will receive a notification from flashflip once they are seen.

flashflip automatically credits all bitcoin deposits once the transaction receives one confirmation on the bitcoin network. This depends on the transaction's fee, which only the sender controls, and the receiver cannot affect.

What is a precredit?
Why can't my deposit be precredited?
How do I withdraw?

We understand that the velocity of money is very important: thus, flashflip supports 0-conf bitcoin deposits so that you can play instantly. Some transactions are eligible for a free precredit, so your bits will hit your flashflip balance before your transaction confirms. Simply run the command "!precredit".

Accepting 0-conf bitcoin transactions can be risky, so flashflip employs a proprietary confidence algorithm to check the safety of accepting each deposit. If your transaction is replaceable or has a low fee, flashflip is unable to precredit it, and you'll have to wait for one confirmation.

The "!withdraw" command allows you to withdraw bits from your flashflip balance into any bitcoin address of your choice. You can set a custom fee level by making use of the "blocks" parameter in the withdrawal command or the withdrawal wizard.

Are my funds on the bot safe?

The wallet management system that flashflip employs is comparable to industry leaders in the bitcoin gambling space. We use a secure hot & cold wallet system. The hot wallet is connected to the game server in order to facilitate instant withdrawals, and most of the bankroll is kept offline in a secure cold storage unit to ensure that the funds are 100% secure.

Why does it say that my withdrawal will take 24 hours?

For security reasons, most of the flashflip bankroll is stored offline in secure cold storage. Some extremely large withdrawals will not be able to be fulfilled instantly by the hot wallet, and they can take up to 24 hours to be manually processed by the admins. This happens rarely, and fees on manual withdrawals are entirely waived.

What is "provably fair"?
What is flashflip's house edge?
Is flashflip legal?

"Provably fair" encapsulates three qualities about gambling on flashflip: your bet amounts do not affect the bet results, the house edge can be proven to be the same as its advertised, and that both of these things can be independently verified by players.

In order to stay competitive in the online gambling space, flashflip offers a maximum house edge of 1% (with some game modes having an even lower edge). This means that it is extremely easy for players to win in the short term.

flashflip runs under a gaming license from Curacao, is trademarked, and has patents pending. Gambling within Discord is legal under Californian jurisdiction. Please see the terms of service for more information about prohibited users.

How do I verify that my games are fair?
How do I verify the house edge?
What is bankroll investing?

Using the PyFiddle tool provided in the Discord server and the game's daily server secret (which is posted publicly every day), you can verify that all of your games were fairly predetermined based on your chosen client seed.

You can verify the house edge by running a test on the PyFiddle for all games. For coinflip (which lets you choose your preferred outcome), you can verify the house edge by checking that 198% of your bet is returned on winning.

Players win money from the bankroll and lose to the bankroll. Investing in the bankroll means you pay out a slice of player wins, and get to keep a slice of player losses. Since flashflip has a house edge, you are expected to make money.

What is a dilution fee?
What is house commission?
Should I invest in the bankroll?

Each new investor reduces the bankroll stake percentage of other investors. This is known as share dilution. Therefore, new investors are charged a 2% dilution fee which is distributed to all existing investors. The new investor will also collect dilution fees from future investors.

House commission is how flashflip makes money. Investors are charged 0.25% on every wager by flashflip, regardless of whether or not the bet resolves as a loss. Investors are thus expected to make a total of 0.75% profit on every wager.

Bankroll investing can be extremely profitable, and in the long run, you are virtually guaranteed to make profit. However, due to the low house edge, there can be short-term swings if players get lucky. Bankroll investing is ultra-risky: do not invest more than you can lose.

What is house commission investing?
What's the price of a commission share?
I have more questions. Help?

Anyone can buy a slice of the house commission in order to gain a piece of all wagers. Earnings on house commission shares only go up and never down, so they are far less risky than bankroll investing in terms of making unexpected losses.

One share (0.01%) of the flashflip house commission is currently priced at 0.01 BTC through the automatic purchase system. This entitles you to free satoshis into your account, every day, forever. Shares are risky investments and are worth it only if you believe in flashflip's long-term vision.

Feel free to contact us below, or talk to a friendly support representative over at the official Discord support server. The link is http://flashflip.io.

Who created or owns flashflip?

flashflip is designed and owned by Jason. flashflip was coded by a team of coders, led by Var, the head coder. flashflip runs thanks to a brilliant support team, led by StackGod (Gilbert).

How can I make my funds more secure?

Secure your Discord account and your funds will be secure. If your Discord account becomes compromised, this can be mitigated if you have a recovery email set in your flashflip wallet.