General commands

flashflip is great as a general Discord tip bot. We support free tipping, instant 0-confirmation deposits, and instant withdrawals for the cryptocurrency BTC.

!tip <amount> <@User> - Tips an amount of bits to a chosen user.

!deposit - Sends you your unique bitcoin deposit address in a private message.

!withdraw <amount> <address> <blocks> - Sends your withdrawal to your chosen bitcoin address instantly. The blocks parameter is optional; if left blank, a fee will be used that will allow your withdrawal to confirm within 1 or 2 blocks. To use a safe-low fee, set blocks to 30, and if you’re okay with getting your deposit within a day and you want to save on fees, set blocks to 200-250.

!w - Posts your current wallet balance. You can also use !bal and !balance interchangeably.

!donate <amount> - Gives a donation to the admins to support development and uptime costs.

!email <email> - Links an email ID to your Discord account to allow for wallet recovery in the event of loss.

!precredit - Attempts to precredit your most recent deposit to your account. The transaction must not be replaceable (BIP-125), must have a sufficiently high fee, and must not be too high in value ($1,000+ for now is the limit, although this might change in the future). Precredits are completely free.

!faucet - Posts a link for you to vote for flashflip on DBL, after which your account will be credited with free bitcoins.

Gambling commands

flashflip has a variety of exciting games that you can try out, both versus the bot and versus friends. Games against the bot have a house edge of 1% and are provably fair. You can set a custom client seed which is combined with a daily server seed to generate your rolls, which can be verified the next day once the bot posts yesterday’s server seed. Games against other players have a 0.25% house edge.

!seed <string> - Sets your client seed. This determines your rolls, and is optional. It also ensures that the operator doesn't set an unfavourable string of games.

!heads <amount> - Makes a coinflip bet on heads, with a 50% win chance.

!tails <amount> - Makes a coinflip bet on tails, with a 50% win chance.

!flip <amount> - Makes a coinflip bet on heads, with a 50% win chance.

!flip <amount> <@User> - Challenges a user to a game of coinflip. The user can react to the message to accept the game, and then they are able to choose between heads or tails.

!rps <amount> <rock/paper/scissors> - Plays a game of RPS against the bot.

!rps <amount> <@User> - Challenges a user to a game of RPS. You and the user can send the bot your choice via a private message, and the game will be resolved once both users have chosen.

!bank <amount> - Makes a deposit in the flashflip bank, which will generally give you an instant 1% return. There is a small chance that the bank will be robbed, however, in which case you lose your deposit.

!verify <userSeed> <nonce> <serverSeed> <game> - Verifies the fairness of a game. Also available via an open source PyFiddle snippet, which can generate all of your past games.

Investing commands

flashflip is open for bankroll investment. When players play against the bot, they are playing against the bankroll, which contains investor funds. When you’re a part of the bankroll, you receive a share of all player losses. You also pay out a share of all player wins. Investors are charged a 0.25% bot commission on all wagers, and thus have an expected profit of 0.75% per wager.

!invest <amount> - Makes an investment in the bankroll. This has a 2% dilution fee which is given to existing investors. This rewards long-term investors, and ensures that existing investors are not unfairly diluted away. You as a new investor will also receive a share of all future investments.

!divest <amount> - Makes a divestment from the bankroll. There is no fee on divesting.

!divest <amount> - Makes a divestment from the bankroll. There is no fee on divesting.

!stake - Gives you an overview of your current stake in the bankroll.

!mystake - Gives you more detailed statistics about your investment in the bankroll.

Statistics commands

!topwagers - Displays the players who have wagered the most in total.

!topwinners - Displays the players who have garnered the most profit from the bot.

!toplosers - Displays the players who have lost the most to the bot.

!myprofit - Sends you your total profit in a private message.

!mywagered - Sends you your total wagered amount in a private message.

!stats - Displays overall bot statistics, such as total wagered, total bankroll, total bot commission, and total investor profit.

House commission commands

flashflip allows you to purchase shares of the house commission for a steady stream of daily bitcoins. This is not subject to variance (your earnings can only go up, never down) and each share of flashflip (0.01%) is priced at a low 0.01 BTC / 10,000 bits.

!hcbuy <amount> - Purchase shares of the flashflip house commission.

!hcownership - Check your current house commission ownership.